I'm a Hunter Valley Wedding Photographer  creating gentle, dreamy, romantic imagery for the wildly in love.

Travelling worldwide for couples


Meet your photographer!

You're here, how fun!

I'm there to have fun with you, to help capture beautiful memories that you'll look back on and remember exactly how you felt in that moment.

My favourite thing about weddings is the fact that for one day, you are the world. Your love is the most important thing, the reason 100 people have gathered to celebrate, taken an entire day out of their lives, to celebrate the fact you have fallen in love.

My photography style is relaxed, I'm big on anticipating moments of pure emotion. I'm here to capture you as you are, fun, crazy and unapologetically in love. My editing style can be described as a little nostalgic, like a 70's European summer holiday. 

Three words that best describe my work are GENTLE/DREAMY/ROMANTIC

A Little About Me

International Travel Dates

I am lucky enough to travel internationally for weddings and I'd love to hear from you if you've been thinking about eloping overseas. If you're interested in getting married in any of the below locations, please get in touch with me to see what we can do together.

Weddings booked for my international travel dates do not incur travel fees, so getting married somewhere incredible just got even easier!

2022 / EUROPE 17th of June - 29th of July
2023 / NEW ZEALAND 15th - 29th of January

My approach to photographing couples is pretty relaxed. I like to let you do you, I LOVE to let you enjoy the day with your friends and family, I love to let your party the night away, and more than anything I love to surprise you with memories from little parts of the day you didn't know happened. I'll be there, capturing it all.

My approach to photographing couples...

Now I know how it feels to have your photo taken. Unless you and your partner are professional models who nail portraits, you'll need a little direction. And that's totally fine, everyone does! So when you say you don't like posey stuff, I'll assume you mean you don't like serious, looking off into the distance in opposite directions kinda vibe. I'll assume you mean you want fun photos (that might require a little direction to get there) with belly laughs and real smiles. 

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I have a wedding bucket list, a list of dream locations I wold love to shoot in.

I wanna shoot in these places so bad, if you get me there I'll shoot your wedding for free or waive travel fees if I'm already there! If you're thinking of getting married or eloping in any of the below locations be sure to reach out!