My photography style is relaxed and genuine. I'm here to capture you and your loved ones as you are, raw and messy. Your photography session should be fun, full of shenanigans and a memory in itself. I'm there to have fun with you, to help capture beautiful memories that you'll look back on and smile. I love everything about weddings, I think they are one of the few truly perfect moments in life. I can watch a total stranger get married and still cry when they cry. 

My editing style can be described as a little golden, my photography style is documentary which means I will photograph the day as I see it, telling a story from start to finish as candid and natural as possible.

I've been in the wedding industry for around four years, making the leap into photography after dabbling for way too long! I also own a couple of epic caravan bars (Boozy Suzie & The Roaming Eagle) and you can find me slinging cocktails when I'm not behind the lens. I love a bit of Beau Taplin, I have a pretty impressive t shirt collection and I love a good coffee. 

Says everyone, ever!

"We don't like posey stuff"

'Posey Stuff' means something different to everyone. To me, Posey stuff can be narrowed down to those 90's era photos featuring some weird seated positions and some extra serious facial expressions. Most photos you see on pinterest, social media or some fabulous photographers website are posed or directed.  

Unless you and your partner are professional models who nail portraits, you'll need a little direction. And that's totally fine, everyone does! So when you say you don't like posey, I'll assume you mean you don't like serious. I'll assume you mean you want fun photos (that took a little direction to get there) with belly laughs and real smiles. 

We'll work together to create just that. I'll give you a little direction and you'll give me real emotion. The end result... Beautiful, candid, non posey images!


So you've checked out my starting prices and they're within your budget (scroll up of you haven't found them)
Now it's time to get in touch to find out my availability. The best way to get in touch is to fill out the contact form on my website, be sure to tell me all about your plans, I can't wait to hear them!


Step 1

The next step is to book your date. To secure a wedding package a $500 Non Refundable retainer is taken, this comes off your total and ensures I remain free as a bird on the specified date... rain, hail or shine. For a family session, a $50 retainer is required. You'll receive an invoice with all your booking an payment info, hold tight!

Book your date

Step 2

I'm sure you've spent the last 20 years planning your dream wedding, you've definitely got a pinterest board with all the inspo you could ever dream of. There are so many fun things we can do or amazing places we can go to make sure you get the most beautiful images imaginable. Be sure to share these with me!
If your booking is for a family session, let's start talking about a location! For a family shoot, it's best to schedule this in for late afternoon when the sun isn't too harsh.

Gather ideas & inspiration

Step 3

It's game day! I'm just as excited for you to get this party cracking! I'll arrive a little earlier than your start time to set up and get to know everyone. You'll notice me hanging not too close by on the day, capturing you and your favourite people smothering each other with love. I'll never be too far away as I make sure to capture all the details of the day, from the place cards to the welcome sign, it all tells a part of your story.
For a family session, we'll shoot for roughly one hour.

Shoot day!

Step 4

The day after the wedding I'll be hard at work, selecting a handful of images to send you within 24 hours so you have something to share with your friends, family and socials. I'll send you 10 sneak peak images from the best parts of the day to tie you over until the gallery is ready. You can expect the final gallery to hit your inbox within a maximum 4 weeks, but I'll be working hard to get them to you much sooner. For weddings, you'll receive approximately 100 photos per hour of coverage. If your booking is for a family or engagement shoot, you can expect a gallery of up to 150 images delivered to you within 7 days.

I edit & prepare your images

Step 5

Once your images are ready I'll send you a link to the online gallery, with a download pin so only you are able to access them. Feel free to share the gallery with family & friends, they too will be able to access the images as long as they have the download pin. 

Images delivered

Step 6