My photography style is relaxed and genuine. I'm here to capture you and your loved ones as you are, raw and messy. Your photography session should be fun, full of shenanigans and a memory in itself. I'm there to have fun with you, to help capture beautiful memories that you'll look back on and smile. I love everything about weddings, I think they are one of the few truly perfect moments in life. I can watch a total stranger get married and still cry when they cry. My photography style is documentary which means I will photograph the day as I see it, telling a story from start to finish as candid and natural as possible.

My editing style can be described as a little bit of a film feel, like a 70's European summer holiday. I like to use a bit of grain in my images, I think it gives it the emotion of looking back on family photos. 

Making a difference - I believe we all have a duty to try and make the world a better place, any way we can. When you book a wedding package with me, $100 will be donated to one of my favourite charities on your behalf. You'll have the chance to choose which charity you'd like me to donate to when you complete your booking form. 

My three hour elopement package starts at $2600 including GST. If you're after more coverage I have an eight hour package for $3500 including GST. If you'd like more info I'd love to hear from you, pop an enquiry through on the Contact page and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. 

I'm a wedding photographer based in Newcastle NSW (fly me anywhere though!) Second to wedding photography I also love a bit of beauty and fashion photography. I also own a couple of epic caravan bars (Boozy Suzie & The Roaming Eagle) and you can find me slinging cocktails when I'm not behind the lens. I love a bit of Beau Taplin, I have a pretty impressive t shirt collection and I love a good coffee.

Says everyone, ever!

"We don't like posey stuff"

'Posey Stuff' means something different to everyone. To me, Posey stuff can be narrowed down to those 90's era photos featuring some weird seated positions and some extra serious facial expressions. 

Unless you and your partner are professional models who nail portraits, you'll need a little direction. And that's totally fine, everyone does! So when you say you don't like posey, I'll assume you mean you don't like serious, cringe stuff. I'll assume you mean you want fun photos (that took a little direction to get there) with belly laughs and real smiles. 

We'll work together to create just that. I'll give you a little direction and you'll give me real emotion. The end result... Beautiful, candid, non posey images!