Beach Engagement Shoot - Sam & Kieran

Thursday 21st November 2021

Sam & Kieran's beach engagement shoot was exactly what I want in an engagement shoot. Loads of fun, laughs and craziness.

Engagement shoots are one of my favourite shoots to do. I get to meet my couple before the wedding which helps us get to know each other and get comfortable, which totally helps with your photos on the wedding day. You'll feel more comfortable having your photo taken on the day, because we've done this before and you know it's a blast. 

We started the shoot with Sam & Kieran just having a bit of a cuddle on the rocks, watching the waves, having their own little joke as I watched on. We walked around the rock pools next to Merewether Baths and watched the waves crash against the rocks. 

Sam & Kieran were naturals, I usually give a bit of direction during shoots but these guys were happy to take the hour to catch up on the day, loads of hugs and little in between kisses. I always say how in love and close you feel after an engagement shoot, how often do you spend an hour completely undisturbed, focusing on each other. It's honestly more of a relationship building session than anything to do with photos.

At the end of the session when we were finishing up, Sam and Kieran got into a bit of a water fight, they ended up drenched so I decided to stretch things out for an extra 20 minutes and really have some fun, the end of the session is always when all the good bits happen. Your hair doesn't need to be sitting perfect and your makeup has run it's course, now the good stuff can happen. 

Sam & Kieran did their best attempt at the Dirty Dancing Lift but ended up laying in the water making out, I'm not complaining. It was beautiful.

Thanks for playing along!

Big love, Kayla

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