How many photos should you get in a gallery?

With love, Kayla

I see this question asked a lot "How many photos will I get in my gallery?"

I decided to write this little piece to explain in depth why that question isn't important. There are a few reason why I don't feel like this is a question that needs to be asked and they all sort of tie into one defining factor....

When I got my wedding photos back, they were all amazing. I loved them all. I think I got around 400 - 500 photos and to be honest I think that was the perfect amount. There were no filler photos, no photos of nothing moments, things that didn't matter. Every photo had a purpose and told it's part of the story, so that leads me to my first point.

My favourite thing about a wedding gallery is the story it tells, from the first photo to the last photo it tells a visual story of the day. Most wedding's have the same events throughout the day, split into their own timeframes, and each section of the day takes a certain number of photos to tell the story. Unless you have a bunch of different than normal events you really don't need an exorbitant amount of photos. Photographers know how many photos and which photos they need to include to tell the story. Filling your gallery with multiples of the same photo, in both colour and black & white, of the same moment from 10 different angles disrupts the flow of the story. If a particular moment involves movement or emotions I like to include extra images to represent that (I might think you look beautiful while you're crying but you might like a less "Kim K ugly crying face" version so I'll include extra of these to give you options)

Have you ever been to Crinitis? I'm using them as an example because man, I love Crinitis but choosing from their menu is STRESSFUL! It's like they have the same pasta listed over and over again each with one ingredient different and I'm like how am I meant to pick?!  Do I want spaghetti with olives, mushroom, chorizo, fetta and salami or do I want the spaghetti with olives, mushroom, chorizo, fetta, salami and rocket or do I want the spaghetti with olives, mushroom, chorizo, fetta, salami, rocket and prawns. AND THERE'S A WHOLE PAGE OF THIS!

That's what it's like to get your gallery back and have duplicate among duplicate of the same set of images and you're meant to choose one to post on instagram or god forbid choose one to print. Do you like the photo of you where your hair is slightly falling in front of your face or do you like the photo where your hair is sort of tucked behind your ear but still sort of falling in front of your face? This isn't the decision you need to be making when you get your photos back, you should be looking at the smiling and laughing, remembering how you felt, not flicking back and forth trying to spot the difference to decide which one you'll use. 

This one is a great example of what happens when you receive a lot of photos.

True story...  One of my lovely brides from earlier in the year had a gallery of around 1200 photos, there were too many great moments to cull down any less than that. 6 months later I posted one of her photos and she commented "Oh my god I love this photo, I don't think we've seen this one!"
I messaged her to let her know it was  IMG4458 in her gallery, she couldn't believe she hadn't noticed it before. She simply had too many photos in her gallery for her to notice the really great ones, which ties back to decision fatigue. When you have1000 photos, you're focused on getting to the end and not taking the time to look at each photo and admire it for what it is.

I really hope this clears up some thoughts in your mind and helps you to make some easy decisions. 

Big love,

Quality vs Quantity

1. The flow of the story

3. Great photos will be overshadowed by noise

2. Decision fatigue

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