There are literally hundreds of wedding photographers to choose from when planning a wedding, apart from their price and whether their photos are dark & moody or light & airy, how do you know if a photographer is the best fit for you? Wouldn't it be the worst to think you've found your match then meet them on your wedding day to find out they hate cheese? or dogs?!

Here are a few tips to help you find your dream photographer.

It might sound time consuming, but maybe jump on a zoom call and chat to them about your wedding. You'll know straight away if you vibe with them or if yeah, they don't like cheese (RUN!)

You're engaged and looking for a photographer, you've found one who's photos you love, but aren't sure whether to make the leap and book them for the wedding. Invest a little and book an engagement shoot with them. Engagement shoots are great for so many reasons! You get to see what their shooting style is... Are they fun, serious, romantic, adventurous, relaxed? You get to see what your photos together will look like, how they treat and deal with their clients, whether they stick to their delivery times.

I know what you're thinking, what kind of styles are there? I'm not talking about editing, I'm talking about how they capture the images. Some photographers are documentary, some are traditional. Here's what to look for to help you decide which best fits your style. 

"TRADITIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY" is exactly that, traditional. You can expect a lot of portraits and formal images, you looking straight down the barrel holding your bouquet and your partners hand. If your favourite photographers instagram shows a lot of this, that's what you can expect. 



"CANDID OR DOCUMENTARY" photography is a little more relaxed. There'll be less direction from your photographer and the outcome of the images will rely on how you interact on the day. The photographer will simply capture the day as it unfolds instead of staging moments. 
 A lot of people say they don't like posed photos, but nearly every photo you see came with a little direction from the photographer. If you don't want your photographer to pose you, then the best thing you can do is show loads of affection towards your partner, keep moving and do all the work. Also, it's important to be on the same page regarding what images will be captured. Some photographers like to tell a story from start to finish, capturing the small details like the florals, wishing well, dinner menus, stationary etc. While some are focused on the people and interactions. If the small details are important to you then make sure you express this. 

"EDITORIAL" is a little more posed. It's a bit serious and artsy, similar to what you would see in a fashion magazine. It's not usually candid.

My photography style is documentary. I like to capture the day as it unfolds with candid moments, though during portraits I like to give my couples a little direction to help create beautiful images for them. 

4. EDITING is a big part of your photographers style. Most photographers stick to one style. It's not common for a photographer to change their style from wedding to wedding, so if you like bright & airy but love a certain photographers candid photos and they're super moody and dark, chances are the images you receive will be moody. It hasn't happened to me, but I know photographers who have received enquiries from couples with photos of another photographers work and have asked if they could match their editing style, this isn't a thing. All photographers have their own set of presets and edits they use that are unique to them, this is why it's important to find one you love and book them, as you probably won't find another who edits exactly like they do. 

5. DELIVERY TIMES are an important one. How long will your photographer take to return the gallery to you? If you're patient and you're happy to wait 8 weeks for your images then it will be easier for you to find someone to suit you. I like to have my galleries back ahead of the promised 4 week timeline, so if you're impatient and want your photos back ASAP, it's a good idea to ask when enquiring how long the general timeframe is for that photographer.

I hope this info has helped clear up the haze that is choosing a wedding photographer!

If you're ready to chat, head over and fill out my enquiry form. We can jump on a zoom chat, have a virtual coffee and you can meet my two german shepherds Marra & Benji. Here's a cute pic of them in the meantime. 



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