Urban Engagement Shoot with Scott & Sarah

Friday 5th November 2021

Sarah & Scott chose the city for their engagement shoot because it was the most "them" setting. Sarah is a makeup artist (Makeup by Sarah B) and Scott is a Fireman. Sarah is super chic so an urban shoot was right down her alley, she had planned this shoot for months, down to the hair, the dress, the shoes. Everything was perfect.

 I love that they chose a location that was a little different to the usual engagement shoot. Long grassy fields and beaches are cute, but try to think about what represents your relationship best and do something true to you. If you love a cocktail around town, I highly recommend and Urban Engagement Shoot. 

It was a warm Friday afternoon, the weather app had predicted rain all week so we had a backup plan of shooting at the old Newcastle train station. We didn't need it, it was perfect weather.

We started at my go-to, a beautiful grey and white townhouse overlooking the palm trees of Newcastle foreshore and made our way through the city, checking out the old Newcastle Railway station on the way. We wandered through the streets, stopping at the Signal Box restaurant to pop a bottle of champagne and have a bit of fun. 

We walked through the CBD to Popolo gelateria and had some gelato, then walked back through the East End new Newcastle beach to finish off. Sarah and Scott were full of laughs, the biggest smiles I've ever seen, it was such a relaxed, fun shoot. 

The highlight of the shoot was the champagne pop, it didn't go perfectly, in fact it was a disaster. Scott peeled the seal off the cork ready to pop it, I told him to point the bottle away from Sarah's face in case it went off. Just as he moved the bottle the cork popped and champagne went everywhere, just missing Sahra's face. We all screamed, I pulled my camera out as fast as I could while I screamed at Scott for ruining the shot. There was enough left in the tank for another spray so things weren't completely ruined!

Feast your eyes on the beauty that is, Sarah & Scott. Bring on Feb 2022!

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